Anticorrosive protection

We are knowledgeable in anticorrosive materials. We provide service to our customers in this field for more than 15 years, we know the techniques of sellers who sometimes offer what, in fact, your packaging does not need. 

We know what kind of anti-corrosion protection works for your product. Its our business to recommend you an efficient and economical solution. We offer the following from the assortment of anticorrosive materials: 

  • VCI anticorrosive foils of various brands
  • VCI anticorrosive sacks and bags
  • VCI anticorrosive bubble films
  • VCI anticorrosive strech films
  • Classic dehumidifiers for packaging, container dehumidifiers
  • Anticorrosive paper
  • Anticorrosive coats, oils
  • Aluminum barrier foils