Company store

Company store of Strojbal s.r.o.

In our newly opened business shop we offer you the following products:

  • Briquettes and pellets suitable for heating
  • Timber (boards, planks and prisms)
  • OSB boards
  • Wooden products

We are available every day at the time:  8:00 - 14:30

If interested, do not hesitate to contact us on phone numbers +421 917 025 955 or +421 910 960 479

výrobky strojbal

Wooden products

As we always try to evaluate all the material we use, we decided to use cuttings from used plates, planks and prisms and turn them into something valuable. In cooperation with our carpenter, we bring you various wood products:

  • Booths for dogs (three different sizes)
  • Flower pots of various shapes and sizes
  • Benches, chairs and tables suitable for gazebos as well as the garden
  • Much more ...
výrobky strojbal