Disposal of wood waste

We value forests and environment.

We are one of the few companies that is PEFC certified. The wood matter processed in the company Strojbal s.r.o. comes from forests that have a strictly controlled system of sustainable economy.

We think ecologically and therefore, we evaluate all wood waste that can be further processed. We process the waste by crushing, drying, separation of unsuitable elements and subsequently, by briquetting and pelleting according to the size and quality of the output fraction.

drevený odpad

What we offer to our customers?

  • we save their own resources, which would be otherwise spended on waste disposal
  • we provide free transportation and transport of this waste to our factory 
  • by taking the waste we are clearing otherwise usable and valuable storage space, which was covered by waste 
  • by taking the waste we save customers resources when buying products and materials we supply at better prices 

Do you have similar waste?

Do not worry about wooden waste, we will dispose it for you.

We offer free collection of old, broken, rejected wooden packaging, pallets, crates, and other wooden materials to all our customers, as well as to all who are not yet our customers.

Why free collection? Since the waste material has low recovery ratio, it contains a large number of undesirable elements (clips, nails, hinges, screws, plastics) that we have to remove technologically, and the technology (crushing) is considerably worn down. Furthermore, this material has to be crushed to a fraction the particles of which are less than 4 mm, dried (the humidity may not exceed 12%), and transported to a technological line in which pellets are made from this material. The whole process is costly and therefore "we do not buy wood waste", but we collect it and often save the cost for its illogical disposal in waste dumps.

drevená štiepkapelety

The collection of wood waste materials is always carried out when new packaging, pallets are delivered or whenever you call us. Regular donors of wooden waste will be rewarded!

Thank you for your cooperation in recycling.