Company Strojbal s.r.o. received a silver EcoVadis 2023 sustainability rating.

EcoVadis evaluates more than 90,000 companies from more than 160 countries in 200 business sectors. The company's sustainability management systems are evaluated in four basic areas:

  • Environment
  • Business ethics
  • Human rights
  • Sustainable procurement

Our EcoVadis 2023 Silver rating ranks us among the fraction of manufacturing companies in our industry with proven sustainable management.

In Strojbal s.r.o. we pay attention to sustainable management in the long term, not only on paper, but also in reality. For the production of wooden packaging, we use wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC or FSC certification). Wooden packaging retains CO2, is easily recycled and has a minimal carbon footprint compared to plastic packaging. Wood waste from the production is used for facility heating or for the production of solid fuels. We recycle damaged wooden packaging, we treat waste in accordance with applicable standards, save electricity – energy, we are building a CHP, we use our own water, we use water sewer with filtration, we retain more than 200,000 liters of rainwater, we raise fish in a functioning ecosystem... and this is only a fraction of what is being done in the enviromental field.

We are a family company and ethics in business is as important to us as the good name of the company, which we have been building for more than 23 years. In the field of law, we pay attention to the necessary working conditions of employees, safety and health at work, invest in new safe technologies and try to demand the same from our suppliers, which are regularly evaluated.

We in Strojbal s.r.o. consider sustainable and responsible business as very important. We work with wood - product of nature, and without healthy and strong forests with sustainable management, forests that do not dry out, but are strong even with natural but also human "catastrophes", we cannot do in the future.

The EcoVadis evaluation showed us our strengths, but also places for improvement, which we focus on for the future.

JUDr. Pavel Škoda LL.M.