Export packing

Export packing

When to contact us

  • when you are preparing for export or shipments of machinery or equipment by sea, air or road
  • when you are preparing to export any goods abroad, which must be protected from weathering during their transport
  • when it is a prerequisite for your customer to take all measures to protect the transported goods
  • when you want your goods to be delivered to the customer without damage, clean and in the same condition as you handed it to the carrier
  • when you do not want to risk complaints caused by inadequate packing or handling
  • when you take good reputation because it also sells the packaging
  • when you want your shipment to arrive professionally wrapped
  • when you do not have packing experience, anticorrosive materials, impact indicators, and so on.
  • when you export your goods through the sea for the first time
  • when looking for a professional, fast and flexible packaging service
  • when looking for a stable and responsible business partner
  • when you are preparing bids for customers and looking for the best price
  • when planning a new project and need to include packaging costs

The company Strojbal has been providing overseas service for more than 15 years. During this time we have gained valuable experience and realized more than 5,000 contracts, from the smallest orders to the whole manufacturing plants.

When carrying out an export packing, we use exclusively wooden packaging, pallets, 3D anti-corrosive bags  made in our production. Thanks to our many years of experience we provide high quality packaging services at reasonable prices.

Take full advantage, use our experience, tell us what you need to pack and we take care of it. For simple projects, we need dimensions, weight or photography, and in large projects a physical visual inspection and thorough planning of the whole project is necessary.

We use the most modern procedures and certified materials for packaging operations. We treat each export package individually, we save your costs, not only when packing, but also from claims caused by improper packing. The company Strojbal guarantees the quality of its products. Nevertheless, unforeseen situations may arise, covered by our liability insurance up to 1,000,000 €. Fortunately, in more than 15 years of our business, we did not have to use it and we do everything to keep it that way. 

The export packing, carried out by Strojbal meets the requirements of safety, handling and quality, is carried out according to international standards. A high quality packaging is not only the protection of your investment but also the seller's advertising. Your goods, machinery and equipment are safe in our transport packaging. Do not worry about packaging, leave it to professionals. 

What we've already packed:

  • various machines and equipment
  • production and technological lines
  • attachments, molds, spare parts
  • electrical engineering, computers, control systems, luminaires
  • robots, switchboards, welding technology, hydraulic aggregates
  • fittings, bearings, tubes, beams, steel structures
  • gears, shafts and motors
  • measuring instruments and technology
  • laboratory technique, microscopes, laboratory furniture
  • furniture in parts, design furniture as a whole
  • electrical engineering
  • moldings, welds, workpieces
  • boats, boats, caravans, cars, motorbikes
  • tanks, sewage treatment plants
  • spare parts, glass, windows, paintings, sculptures

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