Plastic packaging and boxes

Plastic packaging and boxes

Most common dimensions

basic dimensions outer dimensions inner dimensions load bearing capacity
number of pieces in truck
800x600 800x600x750 772x572x560 300/1000kg 264/858
1000x600 1000x600x695 933x534x515 250/1000kg 208/728
1200x1000 1200x1000x990 1140x940x815 250/1250kg 78/364
1200x800 1230x830x945 1170x770x745 250/1150kg 96/416
1450x1130 1450x1130x750 1385x1060x550 350/1250kg 72/234
1500x1200 1500x1200x750 1430x1130x575 250/1150kg 72/234
1500x1200 1500x1200x990 1430x1130x805 250/1250kg 54/264
1600x1200 1600x1200x750 1540x1140x560 350/1250kg 64/192
1600x1200 1600x1200x980 1540x1140x790 350/125Okg 48/192
2400x820 2400x820x920 2345x758x720 250/800kg 48/192

Plastic cardboard boxes

Plastic cardboard is the fastest growing packaging material that is similar to the structure of the paper board, it is produced in different colours, thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm, the density of the material varies depending on the thickness from 280 gr/sqm to 2500gr/sqm. Classic or collapsible boxes made of plastic cardboard are mainly used as a returnable package.

Main advantages of boxes:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly assembling
  • Sandwich System Assembling - Complete packaging unit
  • Return rates for these returnable packaging are 1: 5

Collapsible plastic boxes are practical and bring many benefits:

  • maximum reduction in volume
  • standard dimensions
  • clean packaging
  • cost saving
  • ergonomic fast handling
  • removable cover
  • resistant to UV and weather, and can be used at temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees
  • long lifetime, storage even in the exterior
  • collapsible variants - savings in logistics
  • safe packaging, safe handling
  • 100% recyclable
  • optimization of production time due to faster handling

Possible accessories:

  • variable ring height (on request)
  • additional back door
  • individualisation of containers
  • integrated or free ground insert
  • storage of accompanying documents
  • tracking system
  • different locking systems
  • removable side panel / front
  • smart cover

In case of interest, we will provide you with a technical data sheet for each product that contains its maximum load, the number of collapsible and uncollapsible boxes in the MEGA semitrailer, recommended stacking and much more information. 

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