Transport and customs declaration


With respect to its long-time experience, Strojbal also provides its customers with other services related to the packaging and the export itself. As we are aware of the fact that the entire relocation process is just beginning by moving the goods and equipment, Strojbal also offers services related to the transportation of goods as follows:

  • fumigation and special treatment,
  • customs clearance of goods,
  • insurance,
  • transport to the recipient and overall logistics agenda.

As our products and goods are transported outside of Europe. In addition to the road transport, we are able to ensure railway and sea transport of goods for our customers, in cooperation with the largest forwarding companies.

We therefore strive to offer our customers comprehensive solutions that meet their requirements and criteria and thus remove the customers from associated logistical obligations.

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Customs declaration

We offer our clients comprehensive services in the field of customs declaration  that include:

  • § representation in customs proceedings (export a import)
  • § submission of customs declarations in electronic form
  • § issuing customs documents (JCD, JCDd, DCH, DCHd, CMR)
  • § issuing transit documents (T1, CARNET TIR)

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