We are ready to provide our customers with complete packaging service as well as separate associated services due to our technological and personal background.

Development and design of packaging

The design of the outer packaging is usually simple, but the main criteria that decide the overall price of the packaging solution are not just what kind of packaging to choose. It is important to know how packaging and goods are transported, stored and handled, how they will actually be used, unpacked, stored and disposed. The savings in transport can be thought about only when these key factors are assessed. Our designers have many years of experience to design a suitable packaging to provide sufficient protection at a reasonable cost for the acquisition and use of packaging.

návrh obalov

Optimization of packaging and packaging processes

Sometimes additional costs account for up to 80% of the total cost of packaging. Due to our experience and other packaging perspective, we are able to reveal the unnecessary costs involved in packaging and thereby save our customers' resources. Sometimes, we find errors in the process, sometimes in the design of the packaging which is over-sized or undersized. Optimization as well as packaging design requires creativity and willingness to test new solutions. The endless packaging market provides space for creativity. Savings can be achieved by adapting the packaging to the requirements that the packaging must meet. Unification of packaging for more projects can also mean great savings in the long run.

optimalizácia balení a baliacich procesov

Preparation of the packaging instruction

The packaging instruction is a manual that allows you to package the products correctly without the prior knowledge of the packaging. Today, in time of frequent job changing by employees, it is not enough time to transfer experience. We therefore prepare a new packaging instruction, or modify the original packaging instruction.

The packaging instruction should contain, in particular, a few basic types of information. The packaging process is divided into individual phases from receipt of packaging and product to complete packaging for shipping. The packaging instruction will be supplemented by photographic documentation, marking of parts of the packaging, dimensions, weights, processes, and the calculation of time with particular information should also not be forgotten.

vypracovanie baliaceho predpisu

Dismantling, moving and transport of technology units service

If you need to dismantle the production lines, move the technology, or the entire operation, you will do it in the right way when you decide for us. We have performed several important relocations, and also smaller disassemblies of machines and technological units. Our most significant references include companies that have decided to terminate their business for the various reasons:

  • Moving, packaging and transporting the entire company Panasonic Slovakia, Krompachy,
  • Dismantling, moving, packaging and transporting the company SCANFIL, Hungary,
  • Supporting activities when moving the company ICU-Medical, Vráble, Slovak Republic
  • Moving, disassembly, packaging the entire company Pall Slovakia, Vráble, Slovak Republic
  • Moving, disassembly, packaging the entire company Lumens TZ, Piešťany, Slovak Republic

In addition to the companies that we provide with our services when leaving or terminating their operations, we also provide services to existing and operating companies, of course. During our operations, we have dismantled, packed and moved more than 10,000 tonnes of technologies.

demontáže a sťahovanie

Custom-made sawn timber drying

The company Strojbal has two drying rooms with a total capacity of 70 sqm, through which we are able to cover not only our own needs for drying or sterilization of the sawn timber, but also the need of our partners and customers. The dry kilns operate in full automatic mode according to the program, whereby each drying achieves the same results in minimizing consumption and drying costs. The company Strojbal operates a company store where it also sells dried sawn timber.

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